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Frequently Asked Questions

Sail & Canvas Cleaner FAQ

Should I test CS-530 before using?

Who do you sell to and where can I purchase CS-530?

Can I just drop the sail into the tub as a "brick"?

What kind of a trough or tub should I use?

How long do laminate sails need to soak before they are clean?

How long do Dacron sails and acrylics need to soak before they are clean?

How can I test and experiment with CS-530 without cleaning whole sails?

Do I need to agitate the sails like I have done with detergents?

How much water should I use?

How do I know how much CS-530 to use?

Can I re-use the solution if I just add more CS-530, or do I have to replace the water for each load?

How long does the solution remain effective?

Can I use household Chlorine Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) with CS-530?

Do I need to use detergent with CS-530?

What kinds of dirt or stain doesn't CS-530 clean?

Will I damage sails if I use more than the recommended amount of CS-530 or leave the sail in the solution for longer than the recommended time?

What materials are NOT compatible with CS-530?

Is CS-530 safe and effective on all sail materials?

Can I save money if I use CS-530?

Will my productivity go up by using CS-530?

After soaking, will I still have to use a power washer or scrub the sails?

How does CS-530 work?