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CS-530 Sail & Canvas Cleaner(Patent Pending) is a product that all sail lofts should be using if the goal is great customer service. Use the form below to inquire about our CS-530 Sail & Canvas Cleaner. Be the talk of your local sailing community and attract new customers!

CS-530 works wonders on mildew and algae stains, especially for Laminates with mildew stain under the taffeta. Unlike chlorine bleach, CS-530 is safe and effective for all types of sail material, including Dacron, Nylon, Kevlar, Acrylics, and colored sails.

It works great on Awnings and Canvas products, too!

Contact us today and you could be “CLEAN SAILING” tomorrow.

If you have any questions, concerns or are interested in learning more about CS-530 (Patent Pending), Use the contact form below or call us at: 617-694.4600.

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Our primary concern is that you are happy with our product. If you are cleaning Dacron sails or sails with Dacron UV covers, you should immediately notice that they come out whiter and brighter than they have ever been. If they don’t come out as good as we say, contact us immediately. Laminates tend to have more complex problems and each sail is a little different. However, if you come across a problem that you couldn’t cure with either a heavier dosage or a 2nd soaking, please contact us. We also have a fairly broad experience in sail cleaning in general, so please feel free to ask us almost anything on the subject.
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