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Cleaning Tips

  1. Using very warm or hot water will dramatically reduce soaking time required. Using cool water will increase the amount of soaking time required for the equivalent cleaning effect. When cool water is used, we recommend pre-mixing the CS-530 (Patent Pending) in a small container of warm water to reduce the amount of time needed to dissolve. When cool water is used, soaking time for mildewed laminates can be as long as 24 to 30 hours.
  2. Avoid using a non-galvanized metal trough, which reduces the solution’s effectiveness. If a non-galvanized trough is already in place, line it with a tarp to eliminate contact between the solution and metal.
  3. Use just enough water to cover the sails. Any solution not in contact with material wastes product and money.
  4. For use as a spot remover, mix a higher concentration of CS-530 and brush, spray, or sponge onto spot. Allow to soak.
  5. Solution can be re-used for multiple days as long as additional CS-530 is added.
  6. Sails tend to float to the surface. We recommend that you add some weight to the top sail. Many of our users use five gallon pails or a piece of hard plastic material to keep the top sail just under the surface.
  7. Although different types of laminates present different levels of difficulties in removing mildew under the taffeta, we have found that most laminates can be cleaned with our recommended dosage of 4 ounces per gallon and overnight soaking if the water is at room temperature. However, a sail which is virtually overrun with mildew stain or in which the mildew has been untreated for multiple seasons may require higher concentrations of CS-530 solution or multiple soakings. In these cases, we recommend testing small sections with higher dosages.
  8. To test CS-530, mix a small amount of CS-530 (1 or 2 gallons) with water according to dosage recommendations. Put a small section of the material (1 or 2 square feet) into a 5 gallon pail or similar container. Pour solution on sail and into container, making sure that the taffeta is soaking in solution. Allow to soak and check periodically. Laminates will generally require at least overnight soaking (at room temperature, longer if water is cool). Alternatives to actual soaking do not work. For example, laying a solution-soaked cloth on sail, or spreading a sail out flat and pouring some solution on the sail will generally have virtually no effect.
  9. Remember that using more than the recommended dosage or soaking longer will not harm material.