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CS-530 (Patent Pending) Mildew Stain Remover & Cleaner

What Sailmakers and Sail Cleaning Companies Have Been Waiting for... Remove Mildew and Algae stain from Sails, Even Laminates, and Never Use Chlorine Bleach Again!

CS-530 (Patent Pending) is a revolutionary new dry powder chemical formula developed for cleaning sails. Unlike detergents, which have almost no effect on mold, mildew, and algae stains, CS-530 was designed especially for these problems, and especially for Laminates with mildew stain under the taffeta . Unlike chlorine bleach, CS-530 is safe and effective for all types of sail material, including Dacron, Nylon, Kevlar, Acrylics, and colored sails.

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After cleaning with CS-530

After cleaning with CS-530

Before cleaning with CS-530

Before cleaning with CS-530

CS-530 (Patent Pending) also cleans laminates!


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CS-530 (Patent Pending) is a commercial product sold to sailmakers and professional sail cleaners. It is distributed by Challenge Sailcloth.

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Mildew Stain Remover & Cleaner

  • Removes Mildew and Algae Stains, Even from Laminates
  • Is a One-step Process, Eliminating Additional Cleaning Steps like Power Washing or Scrubbing Often Needed When Detergents Are Used
  • Cleans and Brightens Dacron, Nylon, Kevlar, Laminates and Acrylics to Like-new Condition and Better than Any Detergent
  • Will Not Fade or Discolor Sail Material, Foam Luffs, UV Covers, or Acrylics
  • Will Not Weaken or Harm Sail Fabric and Is Safe for All Colors
  • Is Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Virtually Odorless and Environmentally Safe
  • Has None of the Odors or Hazards Associated with Chlorine Bleaches

CS-530 (Patent Pending) is Easy to Use

CS-530 can be used in washing machines, but it is best utilized when sails are allowed to soak in a trough or tub. Just follow three easy steps:

  1. Dissolve CS-530 in water. Use just enough solution to cover the sails. (CS-530 works in cold water, but the warmer the water, the faster it works.)
  2. Allow to soak. The longer sails are allowed to soak, the less CS-530 is needed.
  3. Rinse with clean water.

CS-530 is distributed by Challenge Sailcloth.